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SCENAR history

SCENAR — from idea to ideal

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EX735Ag Slider x2

History develops in spiral and our technology is evolving the same way.

Two years later we have the famous Slider, but... twice as more complicated and, at the same time, simpler.

Now it has 4 ranges for the acting impulse to “slide” within and between and covers the whole spectrum of the low-frequency signals emitted by the body.

Simultaneous action through 2 channels with each of them being tuned individually.

Two times as many action modes — 16 modes instead of 8 (in professional version).

Now you can work simultaneously with 2 remote electrodes or with a remote electrode and electrode of the device, including vaginal/rectal electrode probes and the electrodes of the device.

And this can replace 2 professional devices at a time and allows working on two symmetrical areas consistently or individually. And this speeds up recovery.

Only 2 operating controls — the button and the scroll switch, which enable quick and easy access to the most important settings.

Being able to adjust the display for 2 — left-handers and right-handers, provides comfortable use for those who find it more convenient to work with left or right hand.

And one more “two” — 2 types of “ski” electrodes — standard and wide.

At the moment, this device represents the latest achievements of “LET Medical” in the field of equipment implementing efficient non-invasive technologies of medication-free restoration of health and well-being.