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Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics “LET Medical”

Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics “LET Medical” LLC is a patent owner and developer of medical devices SCENAR and COSMODIC. The Research Lab was founded in Taganrog in 1990 by Alexander Karasev, the inventor of technologies for medication-free treatment — TENS, SCENAR, COSMODIC.

“LET Medical”®, “COSMODIC”®, “COSMODIC”®, “SCENAR”®, “SCENAR”®, “MYOSCEN”®, “MYOSCEN”® — are trademarks and service marks registered by “LET Medical”.

The Research Lab specializes in development of electronic equipment for medical and research purposes. At present the Research Lab works in the following fields:

  • research in the field of electrostimulation, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, phototherapy, wave therapy, resonance therapy and development of new trends and applications for SCENAR and COSMODIC therapy and SCENAR and COSMODIC cosmetology;
  • development of new prospective methods of diagnostics, prophylaxis, rehabilitation and medication-free treatment;
  • development and production of SCENAR and COSMODIC devices;
  • development and production of hardware-software complexes, mobile diagnostic systems;
  • development of training programs and multimedia systems in the field of medicine, production of training aids for SCENAR therapists — in printed and electronic form (electronic textbooks, etc.).

Manufacturing area and scientific departments occupy over 3000 sq. m in Taganrog and 1900 sq. m in Voronezh, Russia (manufacturing partner — “MYOSCEN” LLC, managed by G. Ya. Fursov)

The founder of “LET Medical”, Alexander Karasev, has developed three generations of technologies which allow restoring health without medications: TENS — technology of effective pain-relief, SCENAR — technology of medication-free treatment, COSMODIC — technology of medication-free regeneration and recovery.

Since its foundation, the Research Lab has developed 7 series of devices. Each series included 5—9 models of devices produced. Now these devices are used in more than 30 countries all over the world.

TENS and SCENAR technologies have become a basis for similar devices of other manufacturers in the world. “LET Medical” is the world’s leader in the field of SCENAR technology.

“LET Medical” has developed a unique COSMODIC technology, which has no analogues in the world. “LET Medical” is an exclusive manufacturer of devices implementing this technology.

“LET Medical” has representatives and medical centres in Russia, UK, Canada, Australia, USA, Sweden, Japan.

All inventions of “LET Medical” are protected by patents in Russia and abroad.

Contact info:

Taganrog, Russia
tel./fax +7 8634 323-777 (11.30 AM — 6.00 PM Moscow time),
tel. +7 8634 321-777
e-mail: scenar@scenar.ru