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Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment


This textbook was created by

Karasev A. A. —
the inventor of SCENAR

Aleshin S. V. —

A5, pp. 60

About this textbook

The present textbook is based upon the many years' experience of application of SCENAR devices in leading Russian and foreign centers of SCENAR-therapy. Here were also used the materials from digests “SCENAR-therapy and SCENAR-examination” and data of seven international conferences “SCENAR-therapy and SCENAR-examination”.

Every word and piece of advice in the textbook is verified by the health and life of the patients, who had a chance to be treated with SCENAR.

This publication reflects advanced medical viewpoints peculiar to the progressive technologies of the XXI century.

Nevertheless, this is just a general presentation of SCENAR. It is like an “ABC on SCENAR-therapy” meant for medical beginners. However, this would be interesting for both non-specialists in medicine and advanced SCENAR-therapists.

This is the first publication providing complete presentation of SCENAR.

We recommend studying these instructions carefully before starting your work with SCENAR.


I. General

  1. General idea of SCENAR
  2. Contraindications
  3. Indications
  4. General recommendations on use
    1. Basic terms pertaining to SCENAR-therapy
    2. Rules of treatment
    3. Operating modes of SCENAR-devices, electrode posing and action intensity
    4. Time of action and course of treatment
    5. Choosing the areas to act upon and time of treatment
    6. Principles of recovery in SCENAR-therapy
    7. Dynamics of body-reactions
    8. SCENAR-exacerbations
    9. Markers (signs) of recovery
    10. Basic methods of treatment
    11. Compatibility with other kinds of treatment

II. Methods of SCENAR-action for various disorders

  1. Disorders of respiratory organs
  2. Disorders of digestive system
  3. Disorders of urinary system
  4. Obstetrical-gynecologic disorders
  5. Disorders of male urogenital system
  6. Cardrovascular system disorders
  7. Disorders of hematopoietic system
  8. Disorders of maxillodental system and oral cavity
  9. Disorders of nervous system
  10. Disorders of musculoskeletal system
  11. Disorders of otorhinolaryngological organs
  12. Disorders of organs of vision
  13. Cosmetology
  14. Surgical disorders
  15. Oncology
  16. Urgent therapy and reanimantion


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