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Detachable gold electrodes

Gold is a biologically inert metal. It does not cause any negative reactions of the body.

The fact that gold produces favourable effect on the body is known for a long time. However, it is only now that scientists could explain such beneficial properties of this noble metal.

Scientists in Sweden and USA found out that gold given to the body in small doses can regulate immune system of a man. Gold salts reduce extraction of protein (which provokes inflammations) from the immune cell nucleus.

The experiments with human and animal immune cell cultures allowed the scientists to block release of such protein with the help of the compound contained in gold.

Latest researches show that gold significantly increases the ability of skin to absorb and preserve moisture, promotes self-regeneration, and slows down ageing of the skin. It provides activation of circulation of blood and lymphokinesis, produces tonic effect and stimulates metabolic processes.