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Remote electrode probes ES01 and ES02

Remote electrode ES01 Remote electrode ES01


Universal therapeutic remote electrode ES01. Treatment of small areas, face cosmetology, pediatrics.

Universal therapeutic binary remote electrode ES02. Treatment of small areas, face cosmetology, pediatrics.

Remote electrode ES02 Remote electrode ES02

Range of application

  1. Treating new-born babies.
  2. Acting upon the areas of complicated bone constitution.
  3. Acting upon small areas.
  4. Treating perineum.
  5. Cosmetic treatment of the face.
  6. Prolonged action upon the area (the patient can lie on the electrode placed on the upper cover of the plastic casing of the model ES02).


The electrodes are made of special steel which has a pyramidal structure. An important peculiarity of such kind of steel is that chrome does not penetrate into skin due to electrolysis process occurring during action.


60 х 35 х 18 mm