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PS705Ag mini, PS705mini

PS705Ag mini




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Anytime, anywhere

The “smallest” COSMODIC. This is the case when size doesn’t matter — it is as capable as the “bigger” models.


Tiny, affordable and incredibly easy to use, the PS705mini is the first take-anywhere model providing benefits of COSMODIC technology within such a small size.

You will not need remote electrodes with it — two types of built-in electrodes allow you to treat both large and small/hard-to-reach areas.

It is a real survivor. Once a customer put in wrong batteries by mistake (they were nearly the same size but 12 volts each!). The device burnt from inside making a hole through the plastic casing. But is continued to work and is still working!

* * *

Ideal for travelers and those who need good medical care away from home, the PS705mini is ready for every-day emergencies.

PS705mini fits incredible efficiency, cutting-edge miniaturization technologies and the dream of “do-everything pill” into a remarkably compact space.


PS705mini is a personal-use model employing COSMODIC technology. Fully automated action and operation. Very power-saving.

Main features

  • touch switch-on
  • regulating action energy automatically
  • “dynamic adaptation” mode allowing you to manage stimulation during prolonged action automatically
  • determining areas for action
  • LED and sound indication;
  • switching sound off and on


LED indication displays:

  • contact of the electrodes with skin
  • preliminary analysis of the treated area
  • levels of action energy
  • body reaction
  • end of the action dose
  • battery status


PS705Ag mini

The electrodes of model PS705Ag mini are detachable and made in the form of three “buttons”. Each button has a built-in point-contact rare-earth permanent magnet in order to focus the action along magnetic lines. At the same time the magnet fastens the electrode to the device and allows you to take it off and put it back quickly and easily.

The electrodes are made of silver according to new technology, with method of pressing (compression capacity up to 50 tons), which enhances the structure of silver, making it high density. Such method allows enhancing efficiency of action due to increased gravitational density of silver while the mass of it is small.

In addition, you can order electrodes made of gold. Gold electrodes have the same shape as silver ones and can be easily installed in the device by the user.

Triangular positioning of the electrodes allows focusing the action signal better.





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Electrodes are made of special steel which has a pyramidal structure. An important peculiarity of such kind of steel is that chrome does not penetrate into skin due to electrolysis process occurring during action.

Model PS705mini has two built-in electrodes. The electrode on the front-end part of the casing is made as a separate small electrode and performs functions of a remote electrode.


PS705 mini is encased in «Pocket S» series casing. Waterproof keyboard and sealants make disinfection and cleaning of the device easy. The casing is made of shockproof (3 mm thick) ABS plastic.


85 х 46 х 16 mm

Power supply

Two galvanic cells or rechargeable batteries, size N, 1.5V.


Send your orders for the new version of PS705mini, which enables connection of remote electrodes, through the web-site: www.cosmodic.in, www.c-dove.com

Delivery set

  • Device
  • User’s Guide
  • Package

Registration certificate

No. ФС 022а2006/3749-06

Certificate of conformance

No. POCC RU.МЕ01.В04123
No. POCC RU.ME77.B06451

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