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Medication-free treatment

Now over 70% of patients suffer from chronic diseases. Modern European medicine evidently cannot help in most cases.

Many of us have experienced or observed situations when various medications not only failed to cure the disease but caused negative after-effects. For example, the patient suffering from pneumonia is usually prescribed antipyretics, antibiotics, sulfanilamides, vitamins, and, sometimes, steroid hormones. After such treatment the patient “recovers” and is discharged as healthy. Often the doctor has no idea that the disease remained, because the body itself practically did not participate in conquering this condition.

If the patient has undergone several diseases treated like that, the body defence potential will be exhausted and the disease will become a chronic condition.

The main weak point of the European medicine consists in the fact that patients treated according to its methods usually suffer from a number of various disorders and have lots of popular patented drugs to be treated with but still remain in chronic condition and, consequently, have a grudge against the present-day medicine. This resulted in development of new medication-free methods of treatment worldwide.

Today the task of the doctors is not to prevent the body from fighting against the disease but help to regulate misbalanced adapting systems. More than twenty-year practice proved that SCENAR is an ideal implement to solve this problem.

The brain controls all organs and tissues by means of electric pulses. It follows, that we can act upon the body, internals and nervous system through skin using electric pulses, similar to the natural ones. SCENAR is the very device able to generate such electric pulses that are physiologically close to those imported to the brain.

The principle of operation of this device is based on forming impulses, similar to the nerve ones, modifying under the influence of body reaction. These modifications imitate brain functioning in the pathological area. Impulses formed this way increase production of aqueous equivalents of nucleic acids, DNA, RNA, proteins, and lipids thousands times as many. These equivalents imitate biologically active substances and are immediately spread by blood all over the body. As a result, the lost functions are restored just as quickly.

The only storage of information of active substances in a living body is DNA, i. e. source codes before the diseases occurred. Researches revealed that under certain conditions DNA is able to respond to external signals. Usual chaotic DNA fluctuations registered by laser correlation spectrography look like a complex sinusoid. But if influenced by the system of artificial commands, DNA turns into artificial trapezoidal function.

Adaptive regulators using neuro-like impulses for action are the most preferable means. Such regulators gain great popularity since this method is pain-free and does not require hypodermic penetration, that, in its turn, excludes any possibility of AIDS and hepatitis contamination.

Unlike present-day single-purpose medicine, SCENAR-therapy does not treat some particular organ but restores body malfunctions. Treatment of some certain pathology, as a rule, produces positive effect upon other disorders as well.

Of course, SCENAR is not a panacea for all conditions but it often helps those who failed to be cured by the methods of traditional medicine. That is why more and more people (and not only doctors) follow and support this trend. SCENAR-therapy finds application in new fields and new methods of treatment appear.

In Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery SCENAR was successfully applied in treatment of complications after spinal cord injuries at different stages. In Research Institute of Children's Surgery, SCENAR-therapy promoted elimination of arrest of locomotor development in children. In Military Research Aviation Hospital SCENAR was used for treatment of central and peripheral nervous systems.

Of course, it is the doctor who should observe the processes in the body and provide the most effective treatment. However, SCENAR devices can be applied by anyone who is familiar with the manual and strictly follows the instructions on treatment. The devices can be used at home as well.