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Transferring to a different level of health

The most sophisticated therapeutic «LET Medical” device for today is EX735Ag Slider x2. It is equipped with many automated features which make the use of it easy and simple. It covers all known ranges of acting neuroexcitatory impulses invented by “LET Medical”, from simple SCENAR-action and SCENAR-adaptive action to new COSMODIC and COSMODIC-2. It works like two independent devices, allowing you to treat symmetrical areas at the same time. It has big variety of treatment modes, as well as health-improving, cosmetological and massaging modes. It has the best detachable silver electrodes and state-of-the-art OLED screen. It is the only device which implements all the newest features. And all these features are available only in this device. But even this perfection can be enhanced. That is what we are trying to do now.

As you know, any great invention can turn out useless without methodological support. But even with wonderful methodology and techniques you will not be able to get the result you need without a very-well trained specialist. So, we think it would be unfair if our invention is only affordable for the select few. That is why we offer to equip Sliders with “smart” electrodes. They will not only allow treating the patient but will also perform intelligent methodical function.

It is a very important step on the way of improving the quality of treatment and health. In future, “smart” electrodes will become like bricks in a building of the new health, while being used together with any future devices. Moreover, future devices may become much simpler and more affordable. Some functions will be delegated to “smart” electrodes. These electrodes are planned not only for the use with “LET Medical” devices, but, with the help of an adaptor, can be used with devices of other manufacturers.

Of course, for these “smart” electrodes to be able to work with the Slider in full and without an adaptor, we had to make some changes to the device. The new version of Sliders has a special connector which enables digital communication channel and provides power supply for the “smart” electrode. Digital one-wire communication channel is needed for active communication between the Slider and “smart” electrode, and power supply — for supporting the work of the electrode’s “brains”. If there is no digital communication channel in the device, the electrode itself will make decisions on which methods of action to provide.

The reason for creating new “smart” electrodes is not only because this will enable applying additional protocols of treatment but will also widen the range of the specific therapies. I mean treatment of peculiar conditions, when universalism of SCENAR and COSMODIC therapy is not acceptable. The same refers to developing specific electrodes for use in surgery, dentistry, etc. We are working already on “smart” electrodes for the purpose of unassisted general treatments and health-improving procedures.

The first electrodes in the series will be DX1, DX2

DX1 — is an electrode having small contact area and 6 zones of action in this area. Each zone has 3 states: neutral, passive and active. Selecting this or that state depends on several parameters of the body reaction feedback, together with built-in protocols and is being corrected online. For visual analysis and control of the process of treatment DX1 has a built-in state-of-the-art power-saving colour OLED display.

The electrode also has its own operating controls. Besides automatic treatment protocol in the electrode, you can choose from 4 manually set semi-automatic settings. One more unique feature of this electrode is its diagnostic capabilities – while it tests the state of the body, it does not produce a noticeable action on it. All settings are displayed with user-friendly icons and diagnostic characteristics allow observing the body testing process in real time.

DX2 — is what the DX series is being designed for. It is a double thing. This means that it not only has 12 zones of action, but is ideal for applying on paravertebral areas of the spine. It has two OLED displays where you can see the whole process of treatment in real time. Here we have double mirror action system and more complicated methodological support which takes into account all nuances of the double action. Of course, diagnostic capabilities are more serious as well. While applying such enhanced electrode along the spine, we can within a minute find out all deviations from the norm and forecast the availability of this or that disorder. Diagnostic estimation is performed in two ranges, showing the character and reason of damages. Since any, even minor disorder will cause deviations in the whole body, these remarkable DX electrodes have a built-in smart diagnostic estimation system which can “remove all the superfluities” and point out the real problem. If you wish, you can also view all the deviations, of course.

Since it is nearly impossible to create the electrodes which would have enough intelligence out of the box, in our devices we provide for the up-to-date system which enables upgrading them through the Internet. As everything in our techno-world, you can do little without Internet now. There will be no need to buy a new electrode, it would be just enough to upgrade it. No need to spend much money on buying a powerful universal device, it will be just enough buying a “smart” electrode you need. And, what is most important, now all your purchased stuff will not be useless when we invent something new! Having in possession enough electrodes, in future you can buy a new device without electrodes and equally well use the electrodes which you already have.

We start a new era of health-improvement and create first bricks to build up a big construction kit made of health devices. Let’s build a healthy life together!
We are creative enough for others to follow.

Inventor of SCENAR and COSMODIC devices
A. A. Karasev

March 2016