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Not all secrets of SCENAR-COSMODIC

COSMODIC technology forms the same impulse as SCENAR, but…

In SCENAR technology, the output stage forms “neuro-like” impulse (this term is actually not quite correct but it is now being widely used by other manufacturers, to enhance the “academese”, so there is nothing to be done…). Such term as “neuro-like” can only be used to try to make the understanding simple. The real secret of this invention is not that SCENAR impulse is a blind imitation of the nerve impulse. It would not be as stupid as acting on the body with rectangular impulses, but still not much cleverer than that. Since we are "applying" this signal to skin, we need to take into account all those distortions which skin will cause in the already formed impulse. So, the most important thing here is that you need to create such an impulse which, after going through the skin, fat tissue, muscle fibers, etc. and only when finally reaching the nerve fiber, would become “neuro-like” and cause action potential. This is what is important, but this is not all. All parameters of the acting impulse oscillator have to be arranged so that being influenced by the change of impedance, which influences the oscillator through the feedback, the impulse itself would be changed too, and in the same pattern as the real nerve impulse in our body would change under the same conditions.

In fact, that is all what is needed for the healing action. After that we only need to form the signal of the end of action — “dose”. In first serial devices of «LET Medical” (SCENAR-035) this was formed by analysis of the amplitude of the differentiated feedback signal, in modern models it is formed by analysis of the derivative of body reaction.

All the rest technically possible factors, such as pulse repetition frequency, damping, etc. can be added externally by technical means, treatment protocols and methods. However, they cannot always be guessed correctly in order to achieve better efficacy of treatment and therefore we do not use them.

COSMODIC technology employs all that was achieved in SCENAR and adds a very important factor! It modulates a “neuro-like” impulse with information. It is like a radio wave that has only the carrier frequency and no modulation – we will not hear anything. The same is with our body: we applied SCENAR impulse, but we forgot to supply it with information. In this situation, by information we mean change of the spectrum in the acting impulse. (Like in nature — the nerve impulse is constantly adapting to body homeostasis and is changing its spectrum.) And this is not just a change, but change in accordance with the body reaction and even in accordance with the anticipated reaction, which is calculated by approximation, in order to be able to give the body “future” information. This is actually the essence of COSMODIC.

To put it simple, COSMODIC is a SCENAR, supplemented with biological feedback controlled through the spectrum analysis.

Being controlled though the biofeedback, the spectrum of the signal makes DNA generate information — this provides higher efficacy of treatment. Information from DNA, in its turn, starts up mechanisms of self-regeneration — restoration of the damaged cells of the body. In fact, such regeneration is happening continually in our body, it is a normal and, at the same time, vital function of a living organism. As we get older, this function becomes weaker and even may malfunction. When we are ill, such malfunction manifests even more intensely. That is the reason for the body not to be always able to cope with the disease by itself, unaided. COSMODIC technology allows us to stimulate our body to speed up recovery process and even correct *“malfunction” of regeneration process.

How this works…

Change of the spectral saturation of an impulse is managed with phase cut-off in the acting impulse oscillator.

  • The device accumulates information about the body — dynamics of reaction within a certain period of time of action. Next analysis is based on the next period of time. This principle is used in simple COSMODIC devices.

    In more complicated models this period is “sliding” along the time of action. In other words, we discard the oldest measurement at the "tail" and add a new measurement at the "head" and the dynamics of reaction is being completely recalculated.

  • From the specified period of time, in addition to the speed of reaction, we also select 46 spectral bands with the FFT method. There are 46 of them in most complicated devices or in a perfect device. In simple COSMODICs we use one central band and two side bands, i.e. three in total. In our "ancient" devices, like SCENAR 035, there was only one, central band, which was singled out by RC differentiating network. Dynamics of change of amplitudes of the spectrum bands within the time is followed up too, i.e. the first derivative of each spectrum component is being calculated.

  • In “active” COSMODIC system, according to dynamics of change of the spectrum we calculate with approximation method what the spectrum will be like next moment. The type of approximation is selected automatically, depending on the current pattern of changes of the spectrum components. This is necessary to be able to get a true forecast of the spectrum behaviour in future. This is mainly used in very expensive devices (so far only experimental models). In simple COSMODIC systems linear approximation is used. In personal and semi-professional models approximation is not used.

  • With phase cut-off method the device can shift the central component of the spectrum within the frequency scale, increasing or decreasing the frequency — spectral saturation of the acting impulse is being changed. At first, the spectrum is changed in one direction, e.g. increase, and the speed of body reaction upon the action is being traced. If the speed of the body reaction is positive, we continue changing the spectrum in this direction (continue increasing it), until we reach approximately zero speed of reaction. Then, we change direction of the spectrum change backwards (decreasing). And we continue changing it until the speed of reaction keeps being positive. When the speed of reaction reaches zero, we again change direction of the spectrum change backwards.

    The action is performed with peculiar oscillations “imposed” on the body.

  • The period of the “imposed” oscillations — slow waves of oscillations is used by another very important control block — "microresonance". This is a controllable oscillator, it tunes into this oscillation frequency and speeds up changing of the amplitudes of the spectrum in time with the frequency, causing resonance.

The 46-band spectrum is used to identify main characteristics of the body. “Biological” age and area where the electrode is put (face, abdomen, back, arms-legs):

  • Biological characteristic forms “age” packet of action impulses.

  • Area where the electrode is put controls the allowable range of spectrum changes. The upper limits of the low-frequency spectrum are set for face, the lowest values of the spectrum are for legs and arms.

COSMODIC technology requires very accurate and adapted change of the action energy. Manual energy regulation, like in SCENAR, is not welcomed here.

Any energy level which is felt like painful (and you need to bear in mind that during action level of our sensitivity is varying within quite a wide range) will make the body block the action, like it does for any painful irritant, and the result of treatment will be not as good as you may expect, and will also provide wrong data for spectral estimation of the action.

COSMODIC technology is employing automatic regulation of energy in the process of action.

Next auxiliary function is “dynamic adaptation”. In a “deadlock” situation, when reaction is not moving in any direction of change of the spectrum of the acting signal, dynamic adaptation switches on. It gives the body a rest in such situation.

Dynamic adaptation allows increasing time of treatment and achieve more results within one session.

Another auxiliary function is also important, and for convenience it is called "depth" of action. Yes, just for convenience. As, in fact, it is not a depth of penetration. As you may know, with the construction of electrodes which is used in our devices, electric current cannot penetrate even several tens of millimeters inside the body. But using interference it is possible to direct the resonance (amplification) of action into any area of the body. Finding the area (depth) is quite a complicated algorithm and it is based on impulsivity of the nervous system response to the shift of interferential wave. In inexpensive devices this is substituted with a simpler algorithm — adaptive pulse packets.

You need to realize that reserves of our body are not endless. When you make your body continuously respond to action, you have to use too much energy. Our body can respond to the lack of energy in various ways. If there is a small lack of energy, you can feel very hungry, even if you have had a very substantial meal just before treatment. But sometimes reaction of the body can also be very surprising and even shocking. The body can transform part of its cells in places of active points which are responsible for recovery (but not in the place where the electrodes are put) into energy. Skin cells in places of formation of standing waves as a result of joint action of algorithms of depth and microresonance can completely and without being noticed by the body transform from physical into energy form. Such transformation begins on the surface of the skin and then moves deeper, creating a tiny “crater” on the skin, 3-5 mm in diameter. These cells restore as unnoticeably as they have appeared, approximately within a month, if no special measures are taken to restore them. Enabling such body reserve leads to very quick recovery, when there are numerous malfunctions in the body. The most “strong” devices of EX series have a special unit for shifting of the standing waves, which allows enabling and using body reserves without formation of the “microcraters”.

Now the most important thing for COSMODIC. When we have done half of the work — made the body cells oscillate and, this way, restore much quicker than when using SCENAR technology, we shouldn't forget that such oscillations require more attention. They carry the most important information about the disease. In COSMODIC they are used to create exciting waves in the whole body.

For the time being, there is no device where all COSMODIC capacity would be enabled in full, I mean, everything what we have already invented. This would be a really “golden” device.

All the above-described things have been already invented…
but this doesn't mean, they have been already implemented

A. A. Karasev