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We offer various models — from first-aid, home and personal models, which can be easily operated even by a lay person to administer first aid and help to keep up healthy every day, to professional devices, which can help not only to treat serious chronic diseases, but also regenerate damaged organs and tissues of the body.

Using SCENAR and COSMODIC devices from “LET Medical” does not require a special training. First of all our models are designed for quick and effective help, not for a long study of complicated methods of use. You do not have to make calculations, apply additional techniques and algorithms to effectively use our SCENAR and COSMODIC devices. The device will do it for you automatically. All you need is to read the instructions on use carefully and follow recommendations on treatment enclosed with the device. School knowledge of human anatomy will be quite enough to operate personal and semi-professional models effectively. Even if you can’t remember the location of some organs in the body, you will be left suffering. Just place the electrodes of the device onto the aching or problem area of your body. After that you can find the necessary information in your school textbook on human anatomy, study the body map in a medical book, or call your therapist.

The latest models from “LET Medical” are very simple in operation. All basic settings are tuned automatically. The device adjusts its features individually for a particular patient when you switch the device on and place the electrodes on the skin. Light, sound and digital indication makes the devices easy to operate and conduct treatment effectively.

Of course, SCENAR and COSMODIC used by professionals with appropriate medical background and skills can help the patient recover most effectively. It makes sense why experienced SCENAR-therapists using professional models can obtain good results much quicker and treat serious diseases more effectively. However, professional models can also be effectively used by anyone who follows the instructions on use carefully. We are employing the most complicated electronics and latest high-tech achievements to make all our devices as simple and easy in operation as possible.

In future, if you feel you need more information about SCENAR and COSMODIC and additional methods and techniques, which can be applied for treatment of particular conditions, new capabilities of this technology or use of professional models, you can always consult our specialists or attend training seminars conducted by our best SCENAR-therapists.