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Author’s certificate

Author’s certificate (patent) for “Electrostimulator”

Exclusive rights to this patent belong ONLY to the authors named in the patent, namely:

Karasev A. A., Zakharevich V. G., Nechushkin A. I., Revenko A. N., Kibirev A. A.

Applicant — Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute

Any claims and information spread by the third parties regarding their rights to this patent are considered as infringement of the authors rights and laws of the Russian Federation.

Author’s certificate



In this modification we took into account all “advantages” of soviet manufacturing (one should not make bent casings, very dense mounting, little “bumps” on the electrodes and electrodes of such complicated shape and many other “should not’s”).

Casing was made of ABS plastic with straight section line between the upper and lower parts of the casing.

Electrodes were reduced to three metal strips (“three pathways”).

Buttons relocated from the side to the top of the casing. All the rest operating controls remained the same.

Power supply: replaceable accumulator which could be charged from both solar battery and charging unit.