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SCENAR history

SCENAR — from idea to ideal

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SCENAR DS513. Professional model


Casing was made of carbon-filled plastic.

To improve the action, output stages were placed in the remote electrode. This is the first device which was built completely with digital components — over 100 microcircuits of SSI and MSI level.

Digital LCD display, multistep regulation of energy and frequency. Mulstistep control of the action “depth” was implemented for the first time in this device. Remote electrode had two output stages. Two paravertebral electrodes in the form of two plates on the under side of the casing of the remote electrode, like in ENS-03 . Appearance of the device was designed by Alexander Karasev, he modeled it within 2 hours.

In modification 513М we made first attempts to implement different types of action: S1 (SCENAR) and S2 (which will become COSMODIC later).

Power supply: built-in accumulators and built-in all-mains charger.