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SCENAR history

SCENAR — from idea to ideal

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Remote electrodes EV01Ag and ER01Ag

The rectal electrode is made in the form of two “forks” and provides radial-directed action. Insulator is made of fluoroplastic.

Vaginal electrode is made in the form of two “balls” and provides circular action. Fluoroplastic insulator has smaller diameter between the two “balls” which allows forming vacuum cavity due to contraction of vaginal muscles. This allows the “balls” to fit tightly to the vaginal walls.

Current-carrying element is the silver tube (first contact) which has a spoke inside (second contact). Diameter of the tube enables connecting the remote electrode to the standard jack.

Special feature of these electrodes is that you can quickly disassemble them for disinfection (within 5—7 seconds).


“Ski”-electrodes are protected by patent for invention No. 2257235 of 02 February 2004, which confirms prerogative right of “LET Medical” for ownership and disposal of this object of intellectual property.