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SCENAR history

SCENAR — from idea to ideal

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COSMODIC technology

COSMODIC technology

Technology of medication-free regeneration and recovery.


New electrodes, also known as «ski”-electrodes, is one more unique invention of “LET Medical”.

Such construction of the electrodes was specially protected by individual patent for invention No. 2257235 of 02 February 2004 and was actively used in further models.



Professional device which is implementing combined technology of treatment SCENAR-COSMODIC.

Continued modification of the 735 series. This device had electrodes made of pure silver, in the form of “sleigh runners”, which later would become detachable. All output characteristics were changed and COSMODIC technology was improved. All the rest remained as in the previous 735 .



Analog of the 713 but in the “Pocket” series casing, OKW.

Electrodes are unusual — in the form of three bent plates, looking like sleigh runners. Again made of Zepter stainless steel. The front-end part of the electrodes allowed working on small areas and the part of the electrodes placed on the underside of the casing allowed to lie on them during prolonged treatment. Flat casing was used specially for that.

Power supply: 2 galvanic cells or rechargeable batteries, size AA.